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What Do I Do After Getting My Carpets Cleaned?

Having your carpets professionally cleaned is a wonderful feeling. Old carpet can look like new and high traffic areas will once again be lush and fluffy. At Rytech of SWLA, we provide the homes in Lake Charles, Louisiana with high quality, professional carpet cleaning solutions!

After the shampooing and cleaning is done, what are the next steps to keeping your carpet looking fresh and new? Read on to learn the answers to some frequently asked questions about post-carpet cleaning care.

How to Keep Your Clean Carpets Like New

  • Regular maintenance for your carpet is the number one step to keep your floors looking like new. It is recommended that your carpets be professionally cleaned at least once a year. In between these deep cleans, regular vacuuming at least twice a week is recommended. If your home has high traffic areas, be sure to clean these thoroughly.
  • Clean up any spills and stains immediately.  The first spill on newly cleaned carpet may seem like the end of the world. However, these don’t have to turn into permanent stains! Cleaning up any spills right when they happen will prevent them from seeping into your carpeting and staining the fibers. Different spills require different cleaning techniques – double check the instructions before beginning the cleaning process.

What to do Immediately after a Professional Carpet Cleaning

  • Stay off your newly cleaned carpet! While this may be a little difficult at first, it is recommended that you stay off of your freshly cleaned carpet for two to four hours. Ignoring this instruction may result in a less than perfect clean, flattened fibers, and even longer dry times. If you must walk on the carpet, wear clean white cotton socks to prevent any dirt transfer.
  • Using a forced air source to assist in the drying of your cleaned carpet is completely acceptable. It’s recommended that you utilize warm air as it speeds up the process, but any air flow will help with drying. The best-case scenario is to open up all doors and windows and allow natural air flow to dry your carpet. The faster the air, the faster the dry time.
  • If your cleaning company has not used a protector on your carpet, it’s time to use one yourself. These carpet protectors will help prevent stains and dirt from sticking to the carpet fibers. The downside to a protector is the 24 hour turn around it can take for the product to set into the carpeting.
  • Most people want to get their homes back to normal as quickly as possible. This means moving the furniture back into place. Once the professionals finish the carpet cleaning, carpet protector has been applied, and the carpet is completely dry, it’s time to vacuum your newly cleaned floor. Once this is done, you can start moving your furniture back into place.

Carpet Cleaning with Rytech of SWLA

Carpets in Lake Charles should be cleaned frequently by a professional carpet cleaning company. Here at Rytech of SWLA,  we offer top carpet cleaning methods that will leave your home floors feeling lush and clean. Our reputation speaks for itself – we not only provide disaster recovery services for homeowners but want to help you keep your day-to-day home care as well!

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