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What Time of Year is Best to Clean my Air Ducts?

Ah, air ducts. They keep the air flowing through your home and delivery fresh air supply, heat, and keep the air quality at an acceptable level. We don’t often give our HVAC duct work a second thought – it’s out of sight, out of mind after all, but because it plays such an important role (who wants to go through a Louisiana summer without air conditioning?) in our homes, it is important to take good care of our air ducts year round. 

Regular cleaning of air ducts is necessary to keep the unit running at peak performance, but it will also ensure that you’re breathing in clean air. Is there a good time of year that’s better than the next to clean out your air ducts? 

The answer is… not really. 

Clean Your Air Ducts Regularly

Regularly cleaning of your air ducts means that your home will have consistently fresh air pumping through it. Bringing in a professional, like the team at Rytech of SWLA, is the perfect way to make sure that your air ducts are free of dust and debris. Here are a few benefits of keeping your air ducts clean. 

  • Air Quality Will Improve. Did you know that the indoor air quality is actually worse than the air we breathe outside? This is because our indoor air is recycled. If our air ducts are not clean – we’re recycling dirty air! Over time, dust and dander gather in the air ducts and begin to build up. Without regular cleanings, dust will be pushed throughout your home. 
  • Decreased Energy Bills. The more you service your HVAC system, the more you know that it is in great working order. When filters are changed and vents are cleaned, your HVAC System works as if it is brand new. This means less strain on the unit, which turns into lower energy bills. 
  • Lower Allergies. If anyone in your home suffers from allergies or respiratory problems, cleaning the dust and allergens from the air ducts will help keep these irritants at bay. 

Call Rytech of SWLA for Professional Cleaning Services

At Rytech of SWLA, we have a team of professional cleaners that specialize in air duct cleaning. We begin by removing all register covers and cleaning them thoroughly to remove dirt and grime. 

Then, we work our special brushes and tools to loosen any dust or debris stuck to the sides of the air ducts. We’ll then start the deep cleaning process of scrubbing the duct work and improving the air quality of your home. 

Contact Rytech of SWLA today 337-626-3725 for emergency property damage cleanup and carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning services by Rytech of SWLA of Sulphur, Lake Charles, and surrounding Louisiana areas.

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