man shining flashlight into home air duct for cleaning

Do Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning? Watch for these Tell Tale Signs.

Air ducts aren’t the first thing on our minds when we think about cleaning our homes. But air ducts are the way that heat and air conditioning are pushed through every room and affects the overall air quality of the home. 

While air ducts do not need to be cleaned every week, there are a few signs to look for that signal it is time to get ready to clean out your vents!

Signs Your Air Ducts Need to Be Cleaned

Common signs that your air ducts need cleaning can include the following.

  1. You’ve noticed an increase in dust around your vents.
  2. Debris has begun to cause blockage in your vents and restrict air flow, making your system work harder than necessary.
  3. Mold growth has increased in your home.

DIY Ways to Clean Your Air Ducts

Keeping your air ducts clean is important for a number of reasons. When you have clean vents, your HVAC system will last longer due to less dirt in its components forcing it to work harder than necessary. However, most households don’t own a high powered vacuum like professional HVAC cleaning companies. 

That said, what can you do to clean your vents between professional cleanings? Take a look at these great do it yourself tips to clean your air ducts. 

  1. Using paper towels, cover up your return registers to keep any loose debris and dust from escaping into the room. 
  2. Turn on the fan and keep it running while you’re cleaning. This will help keep dust moving through the ventilation system. 
  3. Check that your furnace filter is in place. Do not replace the filter yet – keep the old filter installed so the dust does not get pulled into the furnace motor itself. 
  4. Vacuum out your ducts. While you won’t typically have access to the high powered machines that professional businesses use, you can use a household vacuum with a hose, or better yet a shop vac. 
  5. Using a stiff bristled brush, start to knock loose any built up dust in the duct work. Tap the sides of the vents and brush loose any deposits of dust that are stuck.
  6. Begin to clean the registers by sweeping out the dust. Use the vacuum hose to remove the debris. If you need to use a broom to push dust closer to the vacuum, do so. As you go through the house vacuuming the vents, get rid of the paper towels that you placed over the registers. 

This will take care of about 85% of the dirt and debris in your air ducts and keep your system running between professional HVAC cleanings. 

When to Call In A Professional

A professional HVAC cleaning services is recommended, approximately once every three to five years. This timing depends on various factors including the number of pets or if household members have severe allergies. Other important times to have a professional HVAC cleaning includes moving into a new home, after building a new home or completed home renovations.

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