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Rytech is the premier mold remediation and decontamination service company in Southwest Louisiana. We have exclusive use of DECON DF200, a chemical and biological decontamination solution approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Rytech is a specialist in the use of this powerful product, which has been proven safe, effective and efficient.

Used by first responders, civilian response teams and the United States military, DECON DF200 is a state-of-the-art product that can be applied to virtually anything, including walls, ceilings, floors, and HVAC systems.

The benefits of DECON DF200 are simple. See for yourself:
  • Higher assurance that a building will be totally decontaminated and indoor air quality restored.
  • DECON DF200 kills mold, staff, bacteria and viruses, providing broad-spectrum decontamination effectiveness.
  • The application is more effective and efficient than outdated treatments used by other companies.
  • It is the only non-toxic decontamination product on the market, approved by the EPA and the Federal Drug Administration.
  • Compared to other outdated treatments, there is less remediation work required with DECON DF200, which means a quicker turnaround for you.

LA Mold Remediation Contractor License No: 250420

moldWhat to expect during your Mold Service appointment:
  • As soon as your appointment is confirmed an on-call, IICRC-certified Rytech technician will contact you and be dispatched to your location.
  • Upon arrival, our certified technician will assess the situation, the safety of your environment and review findings with you prior to beginning work.
  • Once repairs have been approved by you, the Rytech technician will get to work restoring your home or property.

Upon completion, the Rytech technician will perform a final walkthrough of the repairs to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the results and will present you with a Certificate of Satisfaction.

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