dirt and dust covered vent

Signs that Your Air Ducts Need a Professional Cleaning

Dust is a way of life and will find its way into your home regardless of how often you attempt to get rid of it. Some spaces in homes, however, tend to collect more dust than others. One of these areas are the air ducts that carry the heating and cooling through your home.

Air ducts are connected to your HVAC system and are responsible for keeping the temperature in your home regulated. Each duct connects the vents throughout your home and recycles the air that pumps through the house.

When dust gathers in these ducts you and your family end up breathing in allergens and dirt. Since air ducts are hidden in our walls, they aren’t surfaces that we think about cleaning regularly. How do you know what signs to watch for before calling in a professional air duct cleaning service like Rytech of SWLA?

Tell-Tale Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

  1. Look at your cold air returns. If these vents are covered with pet hair, dust, or other dirt – it’s time to bring in an air duct cleaning company. The dust on the grates came directly from your air ducts and will begin blowing into the air of your home. Start by cleaning off the air returns, and then call a professional air duct cleaning service to schedule an appointment.
  2. Have allergies or respiratory problems increased within your family? If so, this is another reason to clean your air ducts. As we talked about earlier, your HVAC system recirculates the air of your home. Dirty air ducts are simply recycling allergens back into the air of your home, causing those that suffer from allergies increased issues.
  3. Have you noticed mold growth in your home? Mold is not something that homeowners want to deal with. If you have identified mold growth in other areas of your home, a team of mold remediation specialists should be called immediately. Mold can cause many different issues to your home, but worst, can be the cause of major health issues if gone untreated. They will find the source of the problem, which can sometimes end up in your HVAC system. If your air ducts have mold growth, it is mandatory to have it cleaned and sanitized by a professional.
  4. Is there a noticeable increase in the number of bugs and pests in your home? This could mean insects, rodents, or any other vermin. If you’ve seen signs of an infestation, it’s time to call in a professional. These organisms can take up residence in your air ducts where they will live until they are chased out. Dander, droppings, and even disease-causing issues can be found in your air ducts. Not cleaning your air ducts will allow these issues to find their way into the living areas of your home.

Rytech of SWLA Air Duct Cleaning in Lake Charles

At Rytech of SWLA, we want to make the air you breathe in your home is as fresh and clean as possible. We have over 20 years of air duct cleaning within the Lake Charles area, and use our patented cleaning technology to remove allergens, mildew, and dust from your air ducts.

When you schedule your appointment, our team will inspect your home for dirt, debris, mold, and animal droppings. We’ll then put together an action plan for your air duct cleaning. Our process scrubs the ducts from the inside as well as sterilizing the register covers and vents.

Contact Rytech of SWLA today 337-626-3725 for emergency property damage cleanup and carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning services by Rytech of SWLA of Sulphur, Lake Charles, and surrounding Louisiana areas.Call us today to schedule your cleaning or visit our website and use our online booking tool.