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Dirty Air Inside? Watch for These Signs That it’s Time to Clean Your HVAC

Dust is a fact of life. Regardless of how often or how thoroughly you clean your home, dust happens. Dust can sit on the surface of furniture where it is regularly vacuumed or wiped away during cleaning, but dust can also find its way into your air ducts. When this happens, dust typically sits sometimes for years, before homeowners think to clean them!

We don’t typically think to clean areas that we can’t see. Air ducts are hidden inside our walls and not easily visible. But there is good news! Even though we don’t see our HVAC ducts, when they need cleaning, they do tend to give us a few different signs.

If you experience any of the following in your home, it’s time to call in a professional air duct cleaning service.

5 Signs Your HVAC Needs Cleaning

Typically, air ducts need to be cleaned every 3 and 5 years. However, if your home is prone to dust due to pets and other living conditions or if you have individuals living in the house that experience bad allergies or respiratory problems, additional cleanings may be needed. Some common signs to watch for are:

  1. Excessive dust and debris.

    If you’ve noticed that dust and dirt have gathered around your ventilation systems, enough to make an impact to the air flow, it is time to clean your HVAC ducts. Restricted air flow due to debris and dust causes your system to work harder than necessary which can increase your utility bills and the wear and tear on your system itself.

  2. Increase in household dust.

    Have you noticed that your home is even dustier than usual? Maybe your HVAC system is alerting you to a dirty filter more often than normal. If you have not had any major construction done to your home that could cause an increase in dust or have not done any major cleaning, it is probably a good idea to clean out your air ducts. Increased dust around your home for no apparent reason can mean that your ducts are filled with dust – and pushing the dirt out into your home.

  3. Mold growth.

    Mold growth is not something to wait on cleaning. If you suspect any type of mold growth in your home, call in a professional HVAC cleaning provider immediately. Different types of mold can create major health issues if gone untreated. A professional mold remediation team will search all areas of your home, including your duct work, to ensure all mold is removed.

  4. You’ve noticed excessive bugs, insects, or even rodents.

    No one wants to share their home with insects or rodents. Sometimes though, these critters find their way into our homes against our wishes. If you’ve experienced an infestation of insects or rodents, it’s a great idea to clean out your HVAC system. Insects and rodents can drop bacteria inside your duct work that, if left inside without cleaning, can lead to serious health concerns.

  5. Household members are experiencing higher than usual allergy symptoms.

    If anyone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, a dirty HVAC system will cause these symptoms to flare up. Cleaning out your ducts can have a positive impact on allergy suffers. The air that circulates through your home will be free of allergens and clean once more.

Calling in a Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service

At Rytech of SWLA, we specialize in cleaning out air ducts of homes in Louisiana. When you experience any of the above issues, call in the professional air duct cleaning team – we use specialized tools and techniques that work quickly to clean and scrub out your duct work.

We will remove dirt, debris, mold, moisture, and anything else we find in your air ducts using patented cleaning technology to do so. Our DECON DF200 also improves your indoor air quality, give your household cleaner air to breathe.

Contact Rytech of SWLA today 337-626-3725 for emergency property damage cleanup and carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning services by Rytech of SWLA of Sulphur, Lake Charles, and surrounding Louisiana areas.

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