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What Happens During Professional Carpet Cleaning

At Rytech, we specialize in many different restoration services, but did you know that we also help Louisiana homes keep their carpets clean? Professional carpet cleaning is an amazing investment to make in your home.

Carpeting is quite literally meant to be stepped on. However, this causes dirt, dust, and other allergens to track into your home. Cleaning your carpet regularly is important not only for visual appeal, but also for the health of those in your home!

Professional carpet cleaning does not have to keep you out of your house for days on end. In fact, most carpet cleaning services will only take a few hours! At Rytech, we limit the inconvenience to you and your family, and keep your household routine as much as possible!

What to Expect During a Carpet Cleaning

While carpet cleaning services vary, there is a typical step by step process that most follow.

  1. Pre-inspection. During this process, the carpet cleaning crew will walk through your home and inspect your carpet, taking note of any stains that require treatment, and stains that may be permanent. This allows them to give you an accurate assessment before beginning the cleaning process.
  2. Pre-Vacuum. The pre-vacuum step consists of removing dry soil from your carpet. A commercial vacuum is typically used to loosen any dirt or debris that has bonded with the carpet fibers. Removal of this debris is an important step to professional carpet cleaning!
  3. Moving your furniture. Next, the cleaning team will move your chairs, sofas, and tables out of the way to make room for the cleaning equipment. Items like china hutches or large electronics are typically left in place due to their weight and value. They are covered for protection, so you don’t have to worry about any damage!
  4. Pre-Treatment. There are many different steps to the pre-treatment process of professional carpet cleaning! A pre-spray will break down dirt in high traffic areas, while a pre-spot will get to work on harder to break down stains. Finally, a pre-groom process is used to loosen any additional soil that may still cling to the carpet fibers.
  5. Step five is when the step that most people are familiar with begins. Your carpet will be rinsed, and the water extracted without soaking the carpet or leaving any residue behind.
  6. Once rinsed and cleaned, a neutralizer is added to ensure there is no residue left behind, and keeps the carpet feeling soft and freshly cleaned!
  7. After the neutralizer, the carpet cleaning team will once again inspect the carpet for any remaining spots and will work on removal with an extra treatment plan. During this step, there is an option to add a carpet protector to your carpet, to help avoid any more potential stains.
  8. Carpet grooming comes next in carpet cleaning process. During this period, your carpet will be groomed to help it stand tall, and dry faster.
  9. Speed drying may be a service that your carpet cleaning company provides! If so, the company will bring in air movers to increase airflow and help the carpet quickly!
  10. Finally, another inspection is completed. A technician will take you through your home and point out any areas that they may have been unable to clean, and will make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the job that is completed!

At Rytech, we want to be your professional carpet cleaners. Our team is trained in professional carpet cleaning, and know the ins and outs of the industry, which means you receive the highest standard of carpet cleaning available!

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