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What Makes a Carpet Cleaning Company Stand Out from the Others?

All carpet cleaning companies are not created equal. Before you decide to hire a company, it is important to understand what type of carpet cleaners you’re working with and what they offer during their cleaning process.

Keeping your carpet clean and looking like new is one of the challenges that homeowners face. Choosing the right company can be difficult. Here are a few questions to ask during your initial conversation to help you choose a professional carpet cleaning company.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Carpet Cleaner

  1. Do you offer free estimates? Free estimates are typical with many companies. You should take advantage of this service! Bring in two or three different companies to evaluate the cleaning job and provide you with a cleaning plan. This will help you make the right decision for your needs!

  2. What methods do you use? Different cleaning methods mean different levels of cleanliness. This question also helps you understand the experience level of the company you’re hiring. Cleaning techniques change and advance, and a company that can speak to the newest methods is one that knows what they’re doing!

  3. Are you insured and do you have references? Carpet cleaners use many different chemicals that could potentially ruin your carpets if not used properly. Asking if a company is insured protects you from any costly mistakes that occur while they are in your home. References can also help in this regard – the past customers of the cleaning company will tell you the candid truth of the quality of the work.

  4. How long will this process take and how long do I need to stay off the carpet? Most carpet companies tell customers to stay off their freshly cleaned carpeting for at least 24 hours. But some companies utilize methods like heavy fans that can speed up the process.

  5. Do you offer any guarantees? This is a pretty common practice in the carpet cleaning world. The company comes back to correct the issue if you don’t have 100% job satisfaction . Guarantees vary from company to company, and details will change.

During this questioning process it is important to let the provider answer the questions as thoroughly as possible to help you make the most educated decision. There are many different carpet cleaning companies. Doing your research is important!

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