professional carpet cleaner steam cleaning white carpet in room

When to Throw in the Towel and Call in a Professional Carpet Cleaner

We all strive to keep our carpets as clean as possible. By their very nature carpets are walked on, sat on, and spilled on each and every day. It is impossible to keep them pristine, and vacuuming can only handle so much. 

There comes a point when calling in a professional carpet cleaner is the best route – and here are the tell tale signs that home remedies aren’t doing their job any longer.

Signs that Your Carpet Needs a Professional Cleaning

  • Stains have taken up residence and will not go away. We can scrub and blot and use all the cleaners possible to remove carpet stains, but at some point a stain will make it into our carpet that we will not be able to handle ourselves. When this occurs, a professional grade cleaning service is necessary to remove the stains.
  • Vacuuming isn’t cutting it any more. You’ve gone over your carpeting and rugs numerous times with a vacuum. You’ve emptied the dirt and changed the bag, but your carpeting still looks drab and dirty. Don’t blame the machine, it’s likely that the dirt and dust is embedded deep into the carpet fibers and needs a stronger cleaning method for removal.
  • You’ve started to notice a strange odor… and it’s not going away. If you have pets, this is going to sound very familiar. Even the most well trained animals can have accidents. We can clean up the mess all we want, but eventually carpeting can begin to hold the scents and odors. Without proper cleaning methods in place regularly, this can become a large issue as time progresses. 
  • If you’ve experienced water damage, carpet cleaning by a professional is a must. Water can seep into carpeting and cause mold and mildew to grow in the padding and under the carpeting itself. Working with a professional carpet cleaner will ensure that your carpeting is as dry as possible. They will also be able to detect any signs of mold infestation. 

Rytech’s Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

At Rytech of SWLA, we’ve served the areas of Louisiana’s Southwestern cities for 15+ years. Our services range from disaster restoration in mold and fire all the way to construction services when we’re needed.

However, we pride ourselves in our carpet cleaning methods. Our staff is trained in the most advanced ways of carpet cleaning. We will ensure your carpets are not only clean, but that they appear just like they did the day they were installed.  Contact Rytech of SWLA today 337-626-3725 for emergency property damage cleanup and carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning services by Rytech of SWLA of Sulphur, Lake Charles, and surrounding Louisiana areas.

Call us or book your appointment online for a free walk through. We will assess your carpet cleaning needs and consult with you on our plans before beginning our deep cleaning process. We look forward to working with you!